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The gospel makes us a church for others

The gospel gives us respect, love and hope for every non-Christian, and it enables us not to live for ourselves but for our friends, neighbors and associates who don’t believe. We are a church that welcomes Christians and non-Christians alike with the hope and joy of that comes from knowing Christ.

  • First, this means we will actively cultivate redemptive relationships with non-Christians and invite them to church (Lk. 5:29)
  • Second, we will be conscious and welcoming of non-Christians (1 Cor. 14:23-25).
  • Third, we will communicate not just what we believe but why, in a way that invites questions, engages people in dialogue and takes a process, not a crisis, approach to communication.


In an increasingly disconnected world

We desire to be a place of authentic community. We reject the idea that church is filled with perfect people. We want to establish an open, vulnerable and transparent community of people who are struggling together to grow into Christ-likeness. The key to our community will be small groups which are places of prayer, support and transformation.


We desire to change people through the power of the gospel

Many people are motivated by guilt induced legalism instead of the transforming power of grace. We desire to be a ministry that changes lives through the transforming ministry of God’s free gift of grace. We will let people come to church and find rest in Christ; People will feel free and liberated, not constrained by outward forms of religion.